Our Exhibits 

Our dedicated volunteers and members have contributed untold hours to create a myriad of exhibits throughout the property. We are ever in the process of evolving our displays to share artifacts with the public. Recent projects include the addition of the Newfane Garage, and the on-going restoration of the Yarb House and Post Office.

apple butter shelter
Apple Butter Shelter

This handcrafted wooden shelter serves as the home for the popular Apple Harvest Festival staple. This requires members working long hours to ensure the tradition of slow and steady fruit butter creation remains.

Bovaird & Seyfang Engine

A fully working 50hp 2-stroke engine from Bovaird & Seyfang. Built between 1934-1950 in Bradford, PA. Brought to Newfane Historical Society in the early 1990s by Chuck Manhardt & Harold Voelpel.

barber shop
Dentist/ Barbershop

Barbering and dentistry co-existed for hundreds years, and only became separate professions in the 1800s. For small towns without established medical practices, the fields still co-existed longer than in cities.

manhardt building
C.H. Manhardt Powered Machinery Building

This machine shop is always busy during our Apple Festivals. Come inside and see various machinery humming and buzzing. Grab a corn cob and toss it into the largest to see first-hand the process of corn milling.

civil war encampment
Civil War Encampment

This unique site hosts reenactors who perform demonstrations and educational programs for guests.

civilian cabin
Civilian Cabin

Built by Jim & Renae Stauder, it serves as a replica of an early American crafted house. During festivals you can visit and see pioneer living in action.

FB Pease Co. Apple Corer/Peeler

Originally from the Bewley Canning Factory in Lockport, and built by the F.B. Pease Company of Rochester, NY. Restored by Bill Neidlinger, Sam Clogston and Bruce Genewich.


This beautiful gazebo is a pretty centerpiece to private events held at the Country Village. During festivals it hosts various live performances.

heck paviilion
Heck Pavilion

Constructed in 2013, it's designed to house private events, along with dining guests at our festivals. It was built to honor longtime town historian and society member Jud Heck and his family.

HPM Co. Hydraulic
Apple Crusher/ Press

Our Hydraulic Cider Press came from the Chestnut Grove Fruit Farm, a 200-acre fruit farm located east of Olcott, on Lake Road, owned by J.B. Chapman and Sons. The press is an “Orchard” Press, manufactured in Mt. Gilead, Ohio in the early 1900s. The juice capacity is 7-10 barrels per day.

hrvol house museum
Hrvol House Museum
(Log Cabin)

Donated by John & Helen Hrvol in 1977, it came with the property that is now our Country Village. This museum hosts a large collection of artifacts.

newfane garage
Newfane Garage

Honoring the various auto shops and gas stations over the years, our garage was constructed in 2019 and contains a fascinating collection of automobile memorabilia and classic vehicles.

Ott Blacksmith Shop
Ott Blacksmith Shop

The shop is very popular during our Apple Festivals, with live demonstrations from very gifted blacksmiths. The building is named to honor William Ott, our chief blacksmith for many years.

post office
Post Office

The original Burt Post Office building, it is a display that honors the history of the postal service, using displays and activities to share the love of sending a letter.   

print shop
Print Shop

One of the most popular exhibits on site. Enjoy first-hand experiences of the process of early printing, using ink, paper, printing blocks and colonial-styled printing presses.

Power Loom Building

Our 1920 Crompton & Knowles 180 D Power Loom is a wonderful machine lovingly maintained by society members. It came from the Lockport Felt Company, once a major business in Newfane.

red barn
Red Barn

Donated by John & Helen Hrvol. This building has an indoor space used for meetings and food service. The building has two attached food stands.

school house
School House

Donated by the Corwin Cemetery Association, it was remodeled from a shed by the society. It's designed as a tiny schoolhouse complete with artifacts and local school history.

general store
W. G. Hall, General Merchandise

Our store, donated by Charles and Estelle Russell, was a storage building converted into an old time general store. Enjoy great products for sale during festivals, and peruse the displays that take you back in time.

yarb house
Yarb House

The Yarb House allows visitors a deep connection to gardening and learning about the many uses for plants. It's name comes from an old southern term for medicinal plants, which was likely a slang variation of 'herb'.